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Car parts

Collector car parts can be so hard to find, one might believe they don’t even exist. Rest assured that they do, and we sure know where to find them!

Our team at EVC is dedicated to help you save time and money. Looking for that fine piece of engineering or this rare accessory? Leave it to us to locate it through our exclusive network, and spare yourself hours of internet browsing and phone calling.


Looking for an exceptional car? Our team at European Vintage Cars along with our specialized network are here to help you find your dream car, covering the whole of Europe.

Together we will set up a tailor-made search process according to your criteria, with great care and attention to our quality standards. We will provide you with a detailed record to present you our selection among the best cars available.

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Auction Sales

Classic cars auction rooms are legion in France. Although it is quite an exciting sport, looking for the real gem can prove challenging as well as costly in terms of time and money.

Moreover, once the vehicle is identified, there usually are other obstacles to overcome before the sale is secured.

In accordance with your specifications, we will harness our connections in the auction sales trade and let you know about every potential match.

We will also provide you with a fair and independent estimate of each vehicle’s value, so that you can compare it to its actual sale price.

If you aren’t able to attend the sale, we can represent you so that you don’t miss that unique opportunity!


We are proud to work hand in hand with accomplished classic car restorers. Our extensive network of specialized garages and mechanics covers all collector brands.

Whether you own a car that needs restoration or you are looking to buy one that does, our team will entrust it to the hands of our experts.

Their technical know-how and experience places them among the best in their field : the guarantee for every car to be treated with all the care it deserves, for us to meet your highest expectations.

In accordance with your demand and the desired level of restoration/repairs, your car will be looked after with due care an attention before we ship it back to you, more beautiful than ever.

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